Editorial: Republicans act like Democrats

Does the GOP platform encourage more gambling, more alcoholism, liberalized marijuana laws and increased government borrowing?

Republicans control the Oklahoma House and Senate and the governor is a Republican. But on some issues, they are not performing like members of the Grand Old Party.

In this session, there are Republican authors for bills that:

  • Kill the requirement that the state lottery give 35 percent of its proceeds to public education;
  • Extend the hours of liquor stores and let them open on Sundays;
  • Take steps toward legalization of marijuana for “medicinal” purposes; and
  • Borrowing as much as $300,000,000.00 to counter a predicted $900,000,000.00 budget shortfall.

The key to changing the lottery is to encourage Oklahomans to waste more money on gambling.

Letting liquor stores have extended hours is an effort to boost liquor sales which will result in more underage drinking, drunk driving, public drunkenness, etc.

Marijuana is harmful to people and gradual legalization facilitates its role as a gateway to even more destructive drugs.

The Oklahoma Constitution requires a balanced state budget yet the Legislature and governor continue to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars – with the expressed consent of the liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court – to make up for revenue shortfalls.

The Republican leaders in Oklahoma City need to change their party’s platform to mirror the Democrats or else start implementing the conservative policies they made a hallmark of their campaigns for office.