Republicans In Name Only are destroying the party structure

It has long amused me how leaders in the Republican Party seem to stand by and allow individuals who have no personal feelings toward the original principals of the party, as founded, nor they intend to even follow the official rules still in place. It seems to me that this situation is one of the main reasons for the long tenure of opposition rule, which actually began in 1933 with the beginning of the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration.

Because of that massive change in the climate of national politics, it is my opinion that far too many such individuals were too easily and quickly accepted into party official positions, or even into candidacy for elective office. It has been especially detrimental there because of the much greater damage to the perception of the party held by those outside or independent of party affiliation. The Republican Party was founded in 1853, I believe, as a single-issue organization. That issue was the abolition of slavery in the United States. It fielded a presidential candidate in 1854, unsuccessfully, and again in 1860 with the opposite result as President Abraham Lincoln won. He had run previously for a U.S. Senate seat from Illinois, again unsuccessfully. (My memory is somewhat hazy on that, since my first breath of air did not occur until October of 1926).

However, the schooling we of the Class of 1943 received in the Tulsa Public Schools served to inform us of those historical items, time has deposited them far, far back in the recesses of my brain “hard-drive.”

The national party now has rules for the principles and conduct of officials, candidates and officeholders that, in my opinion, are rather simple as well as logical for the most part. During my four-year tenure, from 1999 to 2003, as GOP chairman in Delaware County, as well as before and following in lesser offices, it was my firm policy to follow the rules scrupulously. Included is a prohibition for party officials to publicly endorse candidates in primaries. Private statements of preference to individuals does not seem to be included.

We now have a legally and properly elected president who ran as a Republican, yet there are those in public office who seem to be doing everything in their power, including public statements on live media, to distract support from him and even, it appears, assist those who are not loyal U.S. citizens in attempts to get him to resign or force him out of office. In my mind, those individuals are classic examples of RINOS and it seems to me to be the duty of party officials to so declare them. Unfortunately, it also appears that said officials in the party leadership are complicit in this improper conduct. This reminds me of the manner in which those then in positions of power turned on President Nixon and finally forced him to resign.

The ultimate result was the election of James Earl Carter, D-Georgia, in 1976, which brought on the delivery of the Panama Canal back to Panama years earlier than the lease and its then being handed over to the Chinese Communist control (no friends to us) and thus placing our naval ability to be more effective in our defense in serious jeopardy.

Another attempt was made in the administration of President Ronald Reagan, R-California, over an affair labeled “Iran-Contra,” which in my mind was, on his part, a following of the Monroe Doctrine of protection of all American Continent nations from outside takeover. Fortunately for the free World, that effort did not succeed.

We here in Oklahoma have not escaped such instances. In the campaign for Tulsa County commissioner, former Mayor Republican Robert LaFortune made a TV commercial for Democrat Karen Keith which ran numerous times. Current Mayor G. T. Bynum a, registered Republican, on taking office immediately appointed former Mayor Kathy Taylor, a Democrat, his chief assistant. This election was the second following a successful move to make city elections nonpartisan, a disaster in my opinion.

Lastly, and most recently, we have a freshman state representative, Carol Bush, who managed to defeat an incumbent in the primary last year. She appeared on a talk show and in, what were reported, most virulent terms criticized a sitting Republican Congressman, and later declared support for his announced Democrat opponent for next year.

This is prima fascia evidence of her being a RINO and should change parties.