Rigney’s book on creation and the eye

Dr. Jan Jay Rigney, an optometrist in Owasso, has written a new book, Seeing God in the Eye. In the book, Rigney, a Christian, challenges the assertion by Charles Darwin that no organ in the human body could possibly have been  formed by “numerous, successive, slight modifications…”

Rigney said his new book – and another book, Darwin’s Challenge Unanswered, – breaks down Darwin’s assertion by going into great detail of the complexity of the human eye.

“My book goes a long way in strengthening one’s faith,” Rigney said. “In fact, it is so revealing that my book really takes faith out of the question – as God said in Romans 1:19-20 – ‘He Himself has proven Himself so effectively that men are without excuse.’”

Seeing God in the Eye examines these issues and others:

– The true age of the Earth

– Did the mouse evolve from the elephant or did the elephant evolve from the mouse?

– Scientific evidence for the account of Creation in the Book of Genesis

– The “Big Bang” theory

– Two accounts of when Jesus healed a blind person.

Seeing God in the Eye is published by Total Publishing & Media.