Editorial: RINOs and Real ID nonsense

When will the Republicans in the Oklahoma Senate start acting like Republicans?

In February, a Senate panel controlled by the GOP voted to comply with the federal Real ID Act. That is the onerous federal mandate that would tag every American with biometric information so the government could eventually track your every move.

It sets federal requirements for drivers’ licenses and ID cards which would be needed to board a commercial airline or enter a federal building. And it grants the secretary of Homeland Security unlimited authority for any purpose he wishes.

This is so invasive that half of the states – including Oklahoma in 2007 – have passed laws prohibiting its enforcement. Even liberal states like California, Maine, New Jersey, New York and Oregon have pushed for exceptions to this intrusive action.

The liberal Republicans who control the Oklahoma Senate are backing down to the federal government and abandoning the rights and responsibilities of the 10th Amendment.

The federal authorities know they are wrong on this issue. They keep threatening action but they back off every deadline because they understand this will be overturned in court.

The weak-willed action in the Senate, prompted no doubt by the chamber of commerce and the liberal media (including the Tulsa World), tries to give Oklahomans who despise this intrusion an escape clause by letting them use their passport instead of a federal drivers’ license.

Oklahomans don’t want more federal mandates. The Oklahoma House, home of genuine conservative Republicans, needs to kill this intrusion into the privacy of people’s lives.