Roadside help for stranded bicyclists

AAA Oklahoma is now responding to stranded bicyclists with the club’s well-known roadside assistance as part of each AAA member’s benefits at no extra charge.

Long known as the premier and trusted provider of roadside assistance for stranded motorists, AAA Oklahoma is launching bicycle roadside assistance as part of its legendary service.  Members do not need to do anything – the bicycle coverage is now automatically embedded into each current level of membership.

The new bicycle service covers the more than 400,000 AAA members in Oklahoma.

“Extending our roadside service to bicycles is a natural extension of who we are as AAA, a roadside assistance provider that helps get people moving again,” said Jared Peterson, President and CEO of AAA Oklahoma. “Our service gives bicyclists peace of mind when they travel and someone to call if they break down.  We want all those who travel the roads to be safe and mobile.”

May, as National Bike Month, is a good time to remember that bicyclists and drivers have a lot in common. Not only are bicyclists considered motorists under the law, they also use the same roads, must obey the same traffic laws and share the same desire to get to destinations safely.

According to the Oklahoma Bicycle Society, there are an estimated 750,000 bicycles in Oklahoma, 20,000 adults ride at least once a year and 250,000 children ride a bike at least once a week.

“It’s not surprising to see so many more cyclists joining motorists on Oklahoma roads and increasingly using their bicycles for commuting as well as recreation,” said Peterson. “In fact, biking to work has jumped by 60 percent across America since 2000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.”

Oklahoma’s three-foot safe passing law requires that drivers provide adequate space before attempting to pass a bicyclist, or wait until there is enough room to safely pass.