Rome and London are the top international destinations

AAA summer travel bookings show that Rome and London are at the top of many international travelers’ itineraries this summer as Europe continues to show great allure.

Americans are also flocking to warm-weather destinations in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, and increasingly traveling to Canada to take advantage of favorable exchange rates.

The top international summer destinations, based on AAA Travel bookings for travel June 1 through August 15, are:

  • Rome, Italy (4)
  • London, England (3)
  • Cancun, Mexico (1)
  • Vancouver, Canada (8)
  • Paris, France (7)
  • Dublin, Ireland (6)
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (2)
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica (5)
  • Calgary, Canada
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

(The number in parentheses indicates last summer’s ranking.)

“Europe remains very popular with American travelers despite recent terrorism concerns,” said Krista Mullenger, vice president of Travel, AAA Oklahoma. “A strong dollar, discounted pricing and a continued sense of resilience are motivating thousands of Oklahomans and millions of Americans to venture across the pond for their summer vacations this year.”

On May 31, the U.S. State Department issued a travel alert for Europe, citing the risk of potential terror attacks. Travel alerts are issued for short-term events that travelers should be aware of when planning to visit a country. This differs from a travel warning in which the State Department urges travelers to consider very carefully whether to visit a country or region at all.

“AAA urges travelers to exercise vigilance when traveling and be aware of their immediate surroundings. Determining when and where to travel is very personal,” said Mullenger. “The strong interest in Europe and even Paris shows that many Americans are undeterred by recent global events.”

Domestically, the great American road trip is back, pulling more people than ever onto the open highway. Nearly 56 percent of Americans are planning a drive vacation this summer, according to a recent AAA survey. The lowest summertime gas prices in 11 years are prompting motorists to drive in record numbers. More than half of U.S. adults say low gas prices are encouraging them to hit the roads this year.

AAA’s top domestic summer travel destinations are:

  1. Orlando, Fla. (1)
  2. Seattle, Wash.
  3. Los Angeles/Anaheim, Calif. (7)
  4. Honolulu, Hawaii (4)
  5. Las Vegas, Nev.
  6. Anchorage, Alaska
  7. New York, N.Y.
  8. Maui, Hawaii
  9. San Francisco, Calif.
  10. Denver, Colo.

(The number in parentheses indicates last summer’s ranking.)

“Orlando consistently holds the top spot on AAA’s list of most-popular U.S. travel destinations, while southern California has climbed in the rankings,” said Mullenger. “What’s really interesting are the seven newcomers to the list. It’s apparent that more and more of us are looking to venture out this summer and explore places we’ve never been before.”