Running the Table

On last Friday’s Pat Campbell Show on KFAQ, Dr. Everett Piper, who I have huge respect for, and Pat were talking about Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s, endorsement of Donald Trump and use of scriptures to defend his decision.  Dr. Piper felt that Jerry Falwell had taken liberty with the text and used it out of context.

Unfortunately, the 2016 Republican presidential election is not about the Word of God.  It is about finding a leader who will turn the country in another direction and who is now afraid of driving a stake through the heart of political correctness.

At the last Republican debate, which Mr. Trump skipped, those seven men left on the stage looked like the 7 dwarfs. Establishment guys with no vision other than how it’s always been.

The competing Trump rally raised $6 million for veterans.  Folds of Honor in Owasso asked to participate.  I sent their request in and hope they are chosen.  At the Trump Rally, past Iowa caucus winners Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee joined Donald Trump in honoring veterans.  Both men are still well liked by Iowa voters.  This move and not appearing at the last debate gave the Trump campaign all it needs to win Monday night and run the table.

If you want to know why people are angry, just look at the economy.  The January plunge of the stock market was the worst two-week start on record.  Oil prices are down in the oil patch, which is terrible news for the states like Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.  The United States economy is very weak.  The Morgan Stanley Business Conditions Index fell this month to its lowest level since February of 2009, according to Bloomberg Business Week.

“Analysts estimate that profits of Standard & Poor’s 500 companies in the last quarter of 2015 had their biggest drop from the year before since 2009”

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates although there is no inflation or prospects of better employment numbers.  At this writing, the 10-year treasury rate is a depressed 1.94 percent.

Auto sales, which Bloomberg says have been climbing steadily for years, have fallen from their peak.  Lastly, the economies of more than 9 in 10 U.S. counties still haven’t gotten back to their pre-recession peaks.  Deflation is still more likely than inflation in this very poor economy.

If economic policy and a 0.7 percent growth rate were not enough to elect Donald Trump, please consider the world stage that President Obama will soon leave.

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Henninger, wrote an article entitled, “The Humbling of the West.”  In his column he states that recent news photographs document the abject humiliation of the West by Iran.

The first photo is of a hallway in Rome’s Capitoline Museums.  Out of sensibilities of visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the Museum placed large white boxes over several nude sculptures.  Sensibilities?  These are the same Islamic clergy who promise 77 virgins to those who kill Christians in the name of Allah.

The second photo is of a glee-filled meeting between Pope Francis and Rouhani.  The Pope hopes that Iran will work to restore peace in the Middle East regardless of its role in the deaths of 250,000 Syrians.  Iran also persecutes Bahais, Sunni Muslims, Christians, Jews, Yarsanis and even Shia groups.

The third photo is of 10 U.S. Navy sailors who are kneeling in rows, hands on their heads on an Iranian boat.

The Obama administration never said how two larger, faster and well-armed Navy patrol boats got captured and never fired a shot.

America is being humiliated daily and we want it to end.  Perhaps that is why Donald Trump will run the table this winter and spring.