Editorial: Satanists target our children

The Oklahoma City Civic Center hosted a public black mass on August 15. The purpose was to mock God and worship Satan and it was specifically held in a public building to legitimize Satan worship and criticize Biblical Christianity.

Across the nation, “after school Satan clubs” are popping up in public schools. The idea is to encourage students who don’t go to church or who don’t believe in the Bible to worship Satan.

America is getting more and more public displays of the demon Bahomet and photos are being taken with this demon and children – again, an overt attempt to familiarize children with Satan worship.

A church of Satan from Florida is organizing a road show called, “The Devil’s Reign: Psychedelic Blaspheny.”

A Satanist group vows to go to court to force display of a statue of Satan should Oklahomans overrule the liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court and restore display of a Ten Commandments Monument on the grounds of the Capitol.

How should we react?

Secular humanists scoff at the idea of Satan’s existence. They don’t believe anything they can’t prove through the scientific method.

Young people, who have not been taught the Bible and who are steeped in the occult through bizarre video games and mystical movies, investigate Satan worship without a real sense of the danger.

Christians should have nothing to do with these activities and should publicly condemn those who promote Satanism and the occult. The Bible is clear in its condemnation of Satan and his ultimate demise.

Satan, a fallen angel, is charming and clever. He wants help in promoting his hatred of God and he loves to lead people astray.

This is dangerous stuff. It is another sign of the decline of American civilization.