Say no to the national popular vote

They are at it again – the National Popular Vote lobbyists and their legislative patrons are once again pushing for their “Interstate Compact” here in Oklahoma.

Their goal has always been to bypass the Constitution and elect our president by the majority votes of more populous states and leave smaller states like Oklahoma out in the cold.

Our founding fathers understood this and that is why they established the Electoral College in Article 1 Section 2 in our U.S. Constitution. They had lived through tyranny and fought to create a “republic” that would protect its citizens from the tyranny of both a majority and of the few.

That is why the House of Representatives was set up by population and the Senate by equal numbers to protect state sovereignty. This fundamental political principle of the Great Compromise of 1787 at the Constitutional Convention was used in establishing the Electoral College so all states would have proportional and equal representation in electing our president.

With all due respect, it might be helpful if some of our state legislators would go back and take a civics class to understand this basic concept. Senate Bill 906 passed out of the senate by a vote of 28-18 in 2014 trying to get National Popular Vote to the House floor but the Oklahoma House killed it before it got to committee.

What was so heartbreaking in that whole process, is that 16 Republican senators actually voted for the bill.

As legislators we can disagree on some things, but this is a “foundational underpinning” of our nation and of our party system. Even many Democrats realize that presidents such as Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman, John Kennedy and Bill Clinton were all elected by the Electoral College and not one president since 1824 has been elected by a majority of eligible voters. “That’s exactly why we have an Electoral College.”

Republicans – of all people – should understand this. I am constantly surprised how we so easily surrender the basic freedoms and protections our founders fought so hard for to the liberal elitists and media in today’s political environment. Where is our discernment and understanding of history?

National Popular Vote was founded by an Independence Party Candidate for governor in New York. Fair Vote, who is pushing the Interstate Compact, has among its board of directors and financiers the former bassist for Nirvana and billionaire, George Soros. With that cast of characters advancing this plan, you would think that a thoughtful, duly elected official would be somewhat a” little circumspect” before considering such a dangerous idea.  But, of course, everyone today is “always smarter than the founding fathers.”

Why do you think a third party candidate would found an organization like National Popular Vote? Could it possibly be that an unqualified third party candidate could actually get somewhere if 130 million votes are thrown into chaos and the process of counting votes had no rules or guidelines to insure credibility in the process?  They would be elected or have undue influence on the outcome.

Then get ready to see how the influence of the media and money throw the system into an absolute “tailspin.”

That scenario is exactly what the founders wanted to guard against. It reflects their uncommon wisdom in setting up the Electoral College. Passing National Popular Vote and the Interstate Compact legislation would attempt to destroy the political stability our two-party system has created and the representative government our country was founded on. Someone once said, “Nothing dies harder than bad ideas.” As constitutional conservatives and Oklahoma Republicans, we need to make sure National Popular Vote and the “Interstate Compact” gets the funeral it deserves so it doesn’t come up again.