Editorial: Schumer and more gun control

Amy Schumer is a blue, over-sexed comedienne who wants to disarm America.

Schumer is the star of Trainwreck, a terrible movie about a loose woman who hops from bed to bed while denigrating genuine love.

Trainwreck was the movie that was showing in the theater in Louisiana where a lone gunman started shooting people, killing two women.

Her second cousin is Sen. Chuck Shumer, D-New York, who followed the attack with a new gun control bill. (They say the most “dangerous” place in Washington, D.C., is between Shumer and a TV camera).

Amy Schumer held a press conference and said she was terribly upset about the murders. What’s hard to understand is why America should listen to an immoral actress who wants to deprive law-abiding citizens of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. America already has laws that prohibit the mentally ill from purchasing guns.

Sen. Shumer’s bill would give the federal government to decrease or increase grants to states that abide by his rules concerning gun laws.

The background check system is deeply flawed because only honest citizens submit to it. It catches virtually no one that shouldn’t buy a guy.

Criminals buy guns in the back alley or steal them from homes. Crazy people take guns from relatives – they don’t go to sporting goods’ stores and take a background check.

Both Shumers think more laws and bigger government will stop random violence and they are dead wrong. Amy Schumer said she has had death threats in the past for her liberal viewpoints but now she is “proud of the way I’m living and what I stand for.”

What she stands for is foul language, immoral sexuality and stripping constitutional rights.