SCOTUS dismisses the marijuana suit against Colorado

The U.S. Supreme Court has dismissed Nebraska and Oklahoma’s lawsuit challenging Colorado’s marijuana regulation laws.

The attorneys general for Nebraska and Oklahoma filed the lawsuit directly with the Supreme Court in December 2014, arguing that the state’s decision to regulate the cultivation and distribution of marijuana was “placing stress on their criminal justice systems.” The Colorado and U.S. governments both filed briefs urging the court to dismiss the suit.

State Rep. Mike Ritze said he believes allowing the lawsuit to proceed would be an attack on state sovereignty.

“I am very pleased with the court’s decision,” Ritze said. “I do not condone the use of marijuana, nor do I support the legalization of it, but we live in a federalist society that was created to protect the sovereignty of the states. Every state should be permitted to govern its citizens as that state’s elected officials see fit. We don’t want or need the federal government dictating to the states what activities or substances it must criminalize. Unlike the federal government, our states are allowed to experiment with various policies and social structures, which are wanted or which benefit that state’s citizens. If a citizen doesn’t like the policies or social structures in one state, he or she can freely move to another. This decision today was a victory for those of us who believe in states’ rights.”