Editorial: Scrap and replace Obamacare

Obamacare cannot be fixed. It needs to be repealed and replaced.

That is the intent of President Trump and the Republicans in Congress.

Let’s hope this time that the Republican leaders follow through on what they say.

Obamacare was passed in Obama’s first term when the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate. It had no bipartisan support and passed without a single Republican vote. That in itself is remarkable.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in an unguarded moment of candor, told Democrats they could read the bill after it got passed.

Some people say that Obamacare was designed to fail. The underlying principle was that a lot of people on welfare would get guaranteed free medical care while health insurance companies would jack up the premiums (and deductibles). Normally, a scheme like this wouldn’t work but Obamacare has a penalty clause that taxes anyone who refuses to carry insurance.

The liberal U.S. Supreme Court affirmed Obamacare’s legality in terms of taxing anyone without an acceptable health policy and the squeeze on the middle class tightened.

If enough Americans were fed up with high costs, and if Hillary Clinton could be elected president, she could announce her solution to Obamacare’s problems – a single-pay system run entirely by the government.

President Trump threw a monkey wrench in that plan. Instead of forcing Americans into completely socialized medicine, he is going scrap this lousy system and replace it with a free-market plan that will help everyone (except people like Pelosi and Clinton).

The sooner Obamacare is revoked, the better.

The liberal media will scream and run stories about “poor people dying the streets” but the truth should prevail.

It’s time to get work.