Security book out

During the week of November 9, 2015, Tulsa Attorney Bill Kumpe’s book, Deadly Minutes Versus Precious Seconds, A Primer On Armed Church Security, was cited as Amazon’s No. 1 Best Seller in their Kindle Store in the category of Church Administration.  The Kindle Store is Amazon’s online outlet for electronically distributed books that are read on computers, tablets, smart phones and similar devices.  The same week, the book ranked in the top twenty of all Amazon’s sales in that category, including print.

“The numbers have been going up and down since Friday,” Kumpe added, “But I’ve stayed in the top ten in the Church Administration category for the Kindle Store and well in the top fifty of all Amazon sales in that category, print included.”

The book’s title, Deadly Minutes Versus Precious Seconds, refers to the fact that, according to the FBI, the average police response time to an active shooter incident is eighteen minutes while the time available to respond to prevent death and injury is measured in seconds.

“We don’t think about active shooter incidents in churches,” Kumpe said,”but they happen on a regular basis.  They’re just not reported nationally.”

Carl Chinn was one of the armed responders at the tragic New Life Church terrorist attack in Colorado.  Since that tragedy, he has compiled statistics on incidents of church violence.  According to Chinn, since 1999, there have been 1,018 incidents in churches involving deadly force.  I would add that that number is probably conservative.”

Kumpe has two other titles active on Amazon at this time including, Sovereign Citizens Versus Christian Citizens and Separating The Wheat From The Chaff.