Sen. Nathan Dahm is a contrast to his misleading competition

One of the things that serves to get my goat is the tendency of so many people and companies to make contact under anonymous representations. Numerous calls have come into my telephone caller ID ranging from only “anonymous” all the way to a totally false location and telephone number. In fact, there were a couple of times earlier this year when the ID showed an incoming call to be from my own name and telephone number. Before that a lady friend from church had experienced the same thing more times on her telephone. It has become my policy to not answer any call that does not show someone it is my desire to speak to or that I personally know or have done previous business with. Let the machine or FAX answer it!

In recent elections it seems that more and more of the candidates choose to not disclose their party affiliation in their advertising. This appears to be most prevalent with those candidates running as Democrats. Fortunately, our ballots do show the party affiliation.

It seems obvious that the sole purpose is to mislead the hoped-for voters in order to keep them from knowing the truth about what the candidate stands for. In the current local election here in Oklahoma, the OEA (Oklahoma Education Association or teacher’s union) has successful induced a number, more than 30, of their “tax and spend” members to run for offices in the Legislature.

My own state senator, Nathan Dahm (who is completing his first term), has drawn just such an opponent. The few signs for that candidate seen by me have no mention of any party affiliation, and even seem to be designed more to appear to be like signs for Republican candidates. Meanwhile her supporters in and out of media are issuing editorials and letters with truly vicious and blatantly untrue accusations and descriptions of him and his record in the Senate. The facts are that Senator Dahm seems to be the only member that insists on reading every bill to come before that house before he will vote for it and can boast of a 100 percent conservative record.

Hopefully this habit has served to cause the staff and members to get bills distributed in time to be read before calling for the vote. This is how a legislative body should be operated.

Congress, are you listening?

Remember that the ACA (called Obamacare) was pushed through a late night vote when Nancy Pelosi, D-California, was the Speaker. She stated publicly, “We have to pass it so we will know what is in it.” There is too much of this sort of subterfuge going on in most, if not all, of the legislative bodies in the nation.

Incidentally, it was the same Nathan Dahm that readily accepted a “dare” email from former talk show host Piers Morgan to appear on his show. This was after Senator Dahm had titled his open carry bill “The Piers Morgan Second Amendment Protection Act” (since Mr. Morgan had been a most vocal gun confiscation advocate). Rather than agree to a remote appearance from a station in Tulsa, he insisted on going to New York, at his own expense, to meet Morgan in person. Being his usual well-prepared self, he successfully managed to get Morgan so mad the he walked out of his own show. The result is that Morgan is no longer on any of the TV network airways in the United States.

Anyone who refuses to disclose their true philosophy does not deserve, or will not get, my vote. Unfortunately, we have far too many of that type individual holding elective office to the detriment and continual decline of our republic and individual states. Of course, much of the blame for this problem must lie with the totally partisan national media.

As retired talk show host Neil Boortz often says, “Do not believe anything you hear on this show, or anywhere else, unless you can confirm it with two other reliable sources.”