Sexual abuse accusations might be true but they can be manufactured

The unusually downright dirty campaign tactics of 2016 have certainly been carried over to the numerous special election campaigns so far this year. And the major – and sometimes local – media has not been exempt from the improper assistance to one side or  the other, mostly in favor of those of the C/S philosophy.

These unethical, improper, and too often illegal assists (usually to the candidates on the Democrat ballots) can include failure to report bad news for their supported issue or candidate and the twisted reporting of things considered negative against the  opposition. Or, something that seems all too common in the major network “news’ programs,” they report outright made-up stories with no verifiable documentation.

It seems to be the mantra of certain of those in the Democrat leadership and helpers to bring made up accusations against opposition candidates they consider to be “unacceptable” and dangerous to their agenda. That agenda appears to be the destruction of the republic formulated in the 1780s and written in the Constitution. These include individuals who claim to have been wronged by the candidate under attack, including claims of sexual transgressions – all this with no real proof. The person seemingly behind much of this is an attorney, Gloria Allred, who often appears involved in each action.

An example in 2006 was the attack on candidate Herman Cain with a number of “wronged” women coming forth with accusation of various “sexual” wrongdoings. At the time, he loudly claimed he had never met several of the accusers. He has just recently, this month, on his radio show, stated that he did not have the financial resources to mount a fight to clear the claims, so he left the campaign. Upon his announcing his ending his campaign, it was noticed that all of the claims suddenly evaporated. The damage to him was done and their accusations obtained their desired result.

It should be remembered that in past decades, there were a number of Democrat elected officials, including representatives, Senators, and even Presidents, who were caught in incidents involving questionable sexual actions. In most, if not all, cases the party officials and fellow office holders tended to “circle the wagons” and keep the offender in office  (such as the late Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick Bridge. The misconduct of Kennedy in not reporting having run off the bridge was overlooked and a much younger woman had her life on Earth terminated. But he remained in office and no charges were filed.

And then there was PRESBC, 42, with multiple cases of misconduct with women and Hillary managed a “tear down” rally against the claimants with the use of personal destruction (also some reported pay-offs). And then there was the Fort Marsey Park supposed suicide with a reported lack of valid evidence for it. A person cannot commit suicide one place and be found at another some distance away.

Now in Alabama, we have a very popular former Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court as a Republican candidate in a special election to replace a sitting senator who left to become U.S. Attorney General. Again we have multiple claimants of his supposed misconduct with them, about 40 years ago. Looks to me like Mr. Cain again, with different ones being added all the time. The accuser No. 5 shows up with Gloria Allred. Having heard a re-play of the  audio of her TV appearance, at least two glaring discrepancies were detected, one by me at the time. The accuser stated that Moore had reached across her to lock the door on her side so she couldn’t get out. This was 1977 and the security system locks were not in cars at that time. All she would have had to do was grab the handle and open the door.

Then on the afternoon Savage Nation radio show of Nov. 16, a caller to Dr. Savage stated that he was her stepson and that he knew her to be lying. Also, what happened to “innocent until proven guilty?”

It has occurred to me that if we had an honest justice(?) system, individuals who falsely make these claims of sexual misconduct or those, such as in Oklahoma City who falsely testify in such cases,  would themselves be brought to justice with severe penalties, a great deal of these incidents would cease. Frankly, they severely offend me and in my opinion need to be brought to an end. But as happened, in my memory, with the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany in the 1930s, they resorted to brutal terrorist conduct, after disarming the population to gain and solidify their power. We see that here in recent years by funded violence groups on college campuses and cities who try to intimidate those of us who want good government.