Editorial: Sexual harassment and liberals

The liberal news media, fueled by Democrat feminists, has launched a total assault on bad sexual behavior.

Sort of.

Hollywood figures like Harvey Weinstein (and a host of others) and political figures like Sen. Al Franken and former President Bill Clinton are being called on the carpet because of provable sexual assaults on young women and they are paying at least a partial price for this misconduct.

It’s been no secret for more than 100 years that Hollywood has a minimal set of sexual standards. The infamous casting couch was not just imagined.

And Washington, D.C., has had sexual scandals for decades, ranging back to John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1960s.  But it seems strange for Hollywood to condemn the behavior of men who are simply acting out what movies and television shows promote every night of the week. Adultery is not a problem in Hollywood on screen but making sexual advances to a young starlet is now out of bounds.

The liberal media is not immune from these accusations. Women are lining up to accuse a  prominent New York Times writer.

For feminists, this is not about uninvited sexual suggestions – it is about powerful men abusing women.

And they have a point. A movie producer, a senator or even a supervisor at work should not be able to harass and intimidate any women for any reason.

Conversely, women who hold low moral values and flirt with the way they dress and act are inviting trouble.

It just seems hypocritical that Hollywood and Washington are suddenly sanctimonious about behavior they have excused for decades.