Editorial: Shameful Tulsa Public Schools

Why would any responsible parent entrust their children to Tulsa Public Schools?

After 49 people were shot and killed in a homosexual bar in Orlando, the leadership of Tulsa Public Schools responded by hoisting a homosexual “rainbow” flag outside the Education Service Center, right under the American flag and Oklahoma flag.

And of course, the liberal media, especially the liberal Tulsa World, trumpeted this outrage.

The message of the superintendent and the ultra-liberal school board is that students in Tulsa Public Schools must accept and embrace homosexuality. This level of indoctrination offers no room for dissent. Any confused child that thinks he or she might have homosexual tendencies is now being told by Tulsa Public Schools that it is a condition to “celebrate” and a cause for “pride” rather than a destructive lifestyle that goes against traditional Biblical values and nature itself.

Responsible parents should transfer their children to a suburban or rural school to escape this madness. If they can afford it, they should enroll in one of Tulsa’s Christian schools or consider homeschooling.

God help the Christian teachers who still work for Tulsa Public Schools. Many see their jobs as a ministry, even though they are forced to keep quiet about their faith in Jesus Christ.

Can the school board be replaced? Yes, but it is a long process. The teachers’ union backs liberals and it would take years to get a conservative majority on that board. Conservatives, like former School Board Member Lois Jacobs, are ripped to shreds by the OEA, the PTA leadership and the liberal media.

If parents love their children, they will take them out of Tulsa Public Schools.