Sheriff’s race trimmed down to 10

Three candidates for sheriff were disqualified while a fourth survived a challenge in the race for Tulsa County Sheriff.

John Fitzpatrick, a reserve officer, was challenged because of his status to run because he is not currently a full-time officer but members of the Tulsa County Election Board confirmed his validity last week. Those members were Election Board Chairwoman Elaine Dodd (a Democrat) and Vice Chairman George Wiland (a Republican).

Erich Richter, Arthur Jackson and Henry Jones were eliminated from the field of 13 candidates by the same panel. Jackson and Jones failed to meet the state law that they be a “certified peace officer” plus they had problems with their voter registrations. Richter had switched parties less than six months before the election and was disqualified. Those moves dropped the field to 10 candidates, nine Republicans and one Democrat.

The field now consists of Republicans Fitzpatrick, Helm, Brandon Hendrix, Jason Jackson, Dan Miller, Randy Pierce, Bill Reaves, Vic Regalado and Luke Sherman plus Democrat Rex Berry.

The GOP primary will be March 1 and the special general election is April 5. The winner finishes the balance of the term of former Sheriff Stanley Glanz, who resigned after being charged with two misdemeanors by a grand jury investigation.

The office of sheriff will be open again for the Nov. 8 election for a regular four-year term. The filing period for that race will be April 13-15, with a primary June 28 and a runoff, if needed, on August 23.