Shortgrass novel by John J. Dwyer

Oklahoma author and historian John J. Dwyer has released a new novel, Shortgrass – A Novel of World War.

The book is the story of a Mennonite farm boy during Oklahoma’s Dust Bowl. The family farm is being devastated by drought but he is particularly adept at playing college football. Like Charles Lindbergh, the boy opposes going to war in Europe and he must decide whether to enter World War II or stay true to his conviction of never harming another human being.

“The difference between John Dwyer and other historic authors is that he doesn’t just tell what happened, he shows why people did what they did,” said Dr. Bob Blackburn, executive director of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

“How do I know there’s a God? Because, for one thing, he keeps raising up eloquent, decisive champions of the faith: the likes of John Dwyer. A born communicator, John brings Christian conviction and learning, and with it a gentle humility, to literary tasks great and small,” said William Murchison, former senior editor, Dallas Morning News.

“John J. Dwyer’s Shortgrass is great writing and compelling story-telling. It resonates with power and drama and engages the heart. One of the best writers in the western United States,” said Patrick B. McGuigan, City Sentinel newspaper.

Dwyer started his writing career with the Duncan Banner newspaper. He has a journalism degree from The University of Oklahoma. He earned a master of Biblical studies degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and later worked for some Texas newspapers.

Dwyer’s book, The Oklahomans, was endorsed as an official project of the Oklahoma Centennial Commission. The second book in that series is due out in November.