Shutdown’s impact on the Guard

The Oklahoma Army and Air National Guard conducted an orderly shutdown process January 22 as a result of no continuing resolution by Congress.

Those facing a furlough were notified and directed to complete administrative requirements prior to their release. The furlough notice covered 30 days but since Congress passed a continuing budget resolution, the shutdown came to an end.

“We believed that the budget would get passed,” said Brig. Gen. Louis Wilham, assistant adjutant general for Oklahoma. “However, the delay had a significant impact on our guardsmen.”

The impact of the government shutdown results in individuals not receiving pay until a resolution is met.

“The government shutdown impacted more than 950 of our full-time technician personnel who support the Oklahoma National Guard,” said Wilham. “This is approximately 84 percent of our civil service employees alone. These are the men and women who ensure personnel and equipment remain ready in support of operations at home and abroad.”

Despite the shutdown, key military operations continued in support of the safety of human life and protection of property, including operations essential for the security of our nation at both state and federal levels.

Had the shutdown continued, National Guard units would have canceled traditional weekend training and soldiers and airmen would have been told to stay home instead of reporting for duty.

“The cancellation of training and schools not only prevents our service members from getting paid, it directly impacts our readiness…,” said Wilham.