SIX to Hughes Brothers

BRANSON, Mo. – In 2017, The SIX Show is moving to the Hughes Brothers Theatre stage.

SIX features six real brothers (Lynn, Curtis, Barry, Kevin, Jak, and Owen Knudsen) who are known for their vocal performances and stage presence. The SIX Show has repeatedly received accolades as “Best New Show,” “Best Show,” “Entertainers of the Year” and more since arriving in Branson in 2007. Performances of SIX at the Hughes Brothers Theatre will begin on March 1.

Curtis Knudsen, the youngest of SIX, says, “We’re excited to call the Hughes Brothers Theatre home in 2017. The Hughes family has a long standing tradition of family friendly entertainment, and we’re delighted to join our family with their family.”

The Hughes Brothers Theatre is on Highway 76, the main drag, which is packed with theaters, shows, attractions, lodging, restaurants and shopping.

Lena Hughes, co-owner and GM of the Hughes Brothers Theatre, said, “We’re thrilled to welcome SIX in 2017. They are not only extremely talented but a great group of brothers. They, and their show, will definitely complement our family show atmosphere.”

From January through October, the “it” show starring the Hughes Brothers and their families will also be performing at the Hughes Brothers Theatre. The two shows will alternate between the 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. time slots, Monday through Saturday.

In November and December of 2017, the Hughes Brothers Christmas Show will alternate those time slots with The SIX Show. All three shows are award-winning unique productions.

Jason Hughes, co-owner of the Hughes Brothers Theatre as well as one of the stars of the “it” show and Hughes Brothers Christmas show, said, “SIX is one of the most popular shows in Branson.  They are one of those shows that are always on the top of the list of shows that people want to see.  Besides being a great show, they’ve been great friends of ours for the last ten years.  Having them in our theatre is going to be awesome!”

Currently in 2016 the Hughes Brothers Christmas Show is in full swing and will be performed through December 30. Call 417-334-0076 for tickets and more information. There is a special New Year’s Eve Show also scheduled.

SIX will continue their 2016 performances through December 17 at the Mickey Gilley Theatre. For tickets and more information call 877-SIX-SHOW.