SIX is an energetic show that reaches across generations

BRANSON, Mo. – Nobody falls asleep when Six is on stage.

The six Knudsen brothers’ show is nearly two hours of incredible singing, infectious comedy and pure energy.

But no musical instruments.

You have to see this show to believe it. Barry, Kevin, Lynn, Jak, Owen and Curtis Knudsen sing, dance, make funny comments and imitate drums, trumpets and all sorts of musical instruments with a perfect blend of harmony.

It has been tagged the “2015 Stage Show of the Year” by 417 Magazine.

It’s fascinating to sit in the audience and watch perhaps the best chronological blend of audience members enjoy a trip through the music of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Young people like the energy and choreography while the older crowd enjoys hearing tunes that they are actually familiar with.

Who would think that Millennials would sit and listen to a tune by Frank Sinatra?

And it is always fun to watch someone who actually enjoys performing.

Most shows in Branson pay tribute to America’s military and the SIX version of Toby Keith’s The American Soldier drew a standing ovation.

The men dearly loved their late mother (she died at age 52) and one of the highlights of the show is a video with family photos of her and her sons plus current pictures of all her grandchildren (too many to number).

In the background, is a song one son wrote in dedication to their mother. It was very touching.

SIX has a religious side. Their rendition of Amazing Grace was outstanding.

The brothers are the oldest of 10 brothers (no sisters). The six oldest sing while the younger four are behind the scenes.

Growing up, they moved around a lot. Their father noticed their vocal talents early on. He was a gifted musician and he taught them gospel hymns on their old piano. That led to singing in church, then for the local Rotary Club, talent contests, fairs, etc.

Their big break was on the Donnie and Marie (Osmond) Show in 1978 (they show a clip of that appearance during their show in Branson.

After bouncing around for several years, they went full time in 1995.

The comments between numbers from brother to brother seem a lot like the old Smothers Brothers (Tom and Dick). It’s lighthearted comedy that is just edgy enough to entertain yet not offend.

They ought to spotlight their choreographer because the men really liven up the show with some hard-to-do dance steps. I have no idea how you dance as much as they do and still belt out those a cappella tunes.

This is great live entertainment with no objectionable material that easily crosses generation barriers.

SIX is a really popular show, so get your reservations in early for good seats. The new show time for Monday plus Wednesday through Saturday is 7:30 p.m.

There is a 2 p.m. matinee on Tuesdays and the show is closed on Sunday.