Smirnoff’s last show in Branson on December 3

On Dec. 3, America’s famous Russian Comedian, Yakov Smirnoff, will bid adieu to his Branson, Missouri theater with the finale of his 10 a.m. show.

This will be the last day of his final season in Branson. “Thank you for 23 fabulous years,” said Yakov. “When I say ‘What A Country’ I always think of Branson, a place of small town friendliness, family values and incredible entertainment. Only In America will you find a Japanese fiddler, the Chinese Acrobats and the Baldknobbers all performing in the same town…What A Country! You just won’t find this Russian Comedian there after December 3. For the last few years, I’ve been moving on to a new stage in my career and now it’s time to close the curtain in Branson. There’s not going to be an encore.”

Yakov’s shows are at 10 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

“Six shows a week,” Yakov said. “Choose the date you want to wake up with me, Yakov, …and laugh your Yak-off!”

Shows are at Yakov’s Theatre at the corner of US 65 and Hwy 248. It’s the first theatre in Branson from the north on US Hwy 65.  Also appearing at the theater is the Incredible! Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus doing shows at 3 and 8 p.m.

Longtime friend and owner of the Tribesman Resort, Arno Wehr Jr. said, “We have treasured Yakov’s comedy, his production, and his must-see show, but more then that we have loved him for how he embodies the American values of faith, family and freedom. He has always shown love and sincere friendship to his employees and local pals. Everywhere he went in our community he was a gift that will be giving back for years to come. We hate to see him go.”

“Now that sounds like a part of a song – to paraphrase John Denver, ‘all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go, I’m leaving on a jet plane,’” Yakov said. “It’s just these last few shows and then I’ll be on to my PBS project, a special called Happily Ever Laughter, which will air in the spring. I’m also crossing my fingers that you’ll be seeing me soon on Dancing With The Stars.”

Show tickets are available at or by calling 417-336-8888.