Editorial: Social disease crisis Downtown

There is an epidemic of social disease in and around Downtown Tulsa.

That portion of the city in 2013 had rates of sexually transmitted diseases up to nine times the national average. Cases of gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia are off the charts Downtown and in an adjacent section just north of Downtown. This may be due to the high poverty rates Downtown and the homeless population.

In fact, Tulsa County has double the national average of STDs. And these diseases are no longer just a nuisance but some are life threatening. Syphilis and gonorrhea can kill you. Herpes is incurable. They can cause ectopic pregnancies, infertility, stillbirths and premature births. Pregnant mothers can pass these diseases along to their unborn children.

The liberal media responds to this problem by ramping up sex education in schools. Progressives argue that children and teens are going to go at it like animals and the only way to maybe prevent disease is to give them free condoms.

There are several simple solutions.

On top of the list is abstinence. Abstain from sex and you won’t get one of these diseases. Secondly, wait until you are married to have sex and if your spouse has done the same, you have absolutely nothing to fear from STDs.

God’s plan is for people to fulfill their sexual desires in a monogamous marriage between one man and one woman.

When you sleep around, you always run the risk of a disease that can disable or kill you. It’s no surprise that Downtown – home to sleazy nightclubs, homosexual headquarters and an adult bookstore – is the headquarters for an STD outbreak.