Editorial: Socialist candidates on the Left

The first Democrat presidential debate on October 13 delineated clear distinctions between national Democrats and conservative Republicans.

Bernie Sanders, who is brutally honest, doesn’t like rich people. He wants to redistribute the assets of rich Americans to poorer Americans so that eventually everyone has the same amount – regardless of what they have accomplished in life.

Sanders wants to raise the minimum wage to $15, which he thinks will end poverty. He wants to have the government pay for free tuition at all colleges. Sanders wants to expand Medicaid so that everyone in the country has free medical care from a single payer system.

Hillary Clinton wants to force all companies to provide paid maternity leave, regardless of the cost. Even though Clinton and her philandering husband have made tens of millions of dollars leveraging their positions of influence, Clinton wants to penalize anyone who makes “too much” money in the Stock Market.

Sanders, who was a conscientious objector during the War in Vietnam, now wants to be commander in chief. He would only go to war as last result – a policy that screams weakness to our enemies.

Clinton thinks that the myth of global warming is more of a danger to the United States than chaos in the Middle East, cyber-aggression by the Chinese and the killing of 57,000,000 million unborn babies in their mothers’ wombs.

She would rather have a war on coal than terrorism. Her main qualification is that she would be the first woman president.

All five candidates are dangerous. They would raise taxes on the middle class, reduce our national security by defunding the military and promote homosexuality and abortion.

Any of the 15 Republican candidates would be a better choice.