Editorial: Solar plant kills 6,000+ birds

Environmentalists and extremists like President Obama and Hillary Clinton want to eliminate coal, oil and natural gas in energy production. They want solar and wind power because it is “better for the environment.”

Except if you are a bird.

The liberal Los Angeles Times reports that 6,000 birds die each year at the Ivanpah Solar Plant (west of Las Vegas) as they chase insects around the three 40-story solar towers.

That’s a lot of dead birds.

That’s not all. Coyotes are eating dozens of road runners who get caught along the perimeter fence – the fence that was built especially to protect threatened tortoises from wandering onto the plant grounds.

Plant officials, to their credit, are trying to figure out ways to stop the bird carnage. They have tried new LED lights and rearranged the solar mirrors to try to lessen the attraction to the birds and the insects they eat. They even fitted each tower with a machine to spray a respiratory irritant made from grape juice that has shown to deter birds in agricultural settings.

They put anti-perching spikes on frames and started playing loud, high-pitched shrieking noises.

Yet, the birds continue to suffer and die.

Obama’s Energy Department gave a loan guarantee to help build the $2,200,000,000.00 solar plant in the Mohave Desert because it was so “environmentally friendly.”

It apparently is right in the flight path of birds migrating along the Pacific Flyway. Heavy rains have produced more insects, who also get fried by solar beams.

“Ivanpah is a bird sink — and a cautionary tale unfolding on public lands,” said Garry George, renewable energy project director for Audubon California. “It continues to operate as though there’s an endless supply of birds to burn.”

All forms of energy can play a role in powering America. Obama thinks coal, natural gas and oil destroy the environment, but guess what, solar plants – and wind farms – do damage, too.

It just usually doesn’t get reported in the liberal media.