Some of the most outspoken critics of Republicans are Republicans

It is most disgusting to me that we should be subjected to a continuous barrage of mean-mouthed, sometimes downright vile and usually blatantly untrue pontifications from the mouths of the leaders of the Democrat Party and congressional leaders of both parties. Senate Pro-Tem Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, reportedly said that there is serious question about the true sanity of PRESDT. I would like someone to question the senator if he has ever managed to make a billion dollars in private enterprise.

It has long been a wonder to me how it is that the seemingly lowest members of legislative bodies, including state legislatures, manage to gain election to the respective leadership positions – especially after they have shown their true colors during their first term, but by then they have amassed such power that the members are afraid to remove them. An exception was recently when the Speaker of the House was forced to resign from the House itself. My thanks to the caucus members that stood up for what was right.

Unfortunately, this has expanded in the exclamations emanating during the campaigns. Just this month, an email was received from the governors’ race campaign offices of Mr. Gary Richardson, R-Tulsa, blasting Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb for, as I understood it, not taking over the Senate gavel from the Pro-Tem for the purpose of blocking a bill to establish a new “fee” on the price of tobacco. The bill passed only to be declared unconstitutional by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

It has long been my understanding, perhaps erroneously, that the lieutenant governor sat as leader to open and close the sessions and to break vote ties, if such happened. Clarification of that has been sought from my own senator, but not received as yet.

Of course, such things are guaranteed to generate strong interest in the ranks of major media, where it seems that the more sensational the issue is the better for them and more likely to garner more coverage. So it is perfectly proper to lay at least some of the blame on them, where it really belongs. The same could be said for their coverage of these protesters and their extreme damage to property. It is beyond my understanding why the forces of police protection have not come down hard on those types, and particularly on the groups and individuals furnishing the funds to bring the riots about. Numerous reports have laid most of the blame on one George Soros, a billionaire, who reportedly used ill-gotten activities dating back to World War II in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe to gain his wealth.

Some reports have surfaced that President Putin of Russia has issued a worldwide warrant for his arrest on charges of currency manipulation there. Numerous reports have circulated that advertisements have appeared in social media offering $2,500 per month plus $100 per hour while working in riots.

Again, if the media would just ignore these demonstrations they would probably go away. In the meantime, it seems to me that our government should step in and take him into custody for, starting with, inciting to riot. But several other reports, considered reasonable, place him as living in SFO (San Francisco) which is, of course, a noted sanctuary city operating that way under the full permission of the former PRESBO Administration. In sanctuary cities, there have been a number of brutal murders, mostly by illegal aliens, several having been deported numerous times.

Hopefully, the “worm is beginning to turn” as a CNN reporterette found out recently when in an attempt to interview a young woman in Houston she was told in strong terms to get the mike out of her face. Not having cable in my home, it was not seen by me, but has been heard in replay on the radio several times. Actually, even if I had cable, CNN would not have been a channel showing in my home.

It was good to hear someone actually turn on these intrusive types and tell them where to get off. Actually, it seems to me that in these times they are interfering with the ongoing rescue and secure efforts and should be kept away from those in desperate straits.

In past times, the reporters seemed to have some compassion for those being victims. Those reporting from such scenes in local TV seem to have more common sense.

In any event, 2018 is an election year and we would do well to boycott candidates who stoop to such low-life methods and deny them election this time around.