Editorial: Some really bad television shows

Americans are paying more and more for cable television and satellite service for more and more channels yet there seems to be a steep decline in the quality of shows offered.

Prime time network shows are so poor in quality and content that it is a wonder that anyone watches them at all.

NBC is bringing back Will & Grace, a groundbreaking sitcom with two flaming homosexuals and two scheming women. They fight all the time with the underlying theme that America must accept their perversion as normal.

What else does TV have to offer?

The Discovery Channel has Naked and Afraid. This is a show in which contestants are dropped into a wilderness with no clothes, no supplies and no shame. The video blurs key parts of the anatomy but this show is obviously directed toward people who enjoy “soft porn.”

Also in the pornography category, is a VH1 show, Dating Naked. It wasn’t too long ago in America that you would be arrested for walking around naked but now you get to go on a TV show and flirt with other exhibitionists.

TLC has I Am Jazz. This show chronicles the escapades of a 16-year-old boy who wants to become a girl. His idiotic parents let him think he was a girl when he was 5 years old and they sent him to a doctor for drugs to block his puberty. These parents have sentenced the son to a life of surgery and hormone treatments and have paraded him in front of America to be ridiculed. He has terrible bouts of depression that are hidden in the show.

CBS has Angel from Hell, which will premiere in November. This angel drinks like a fish and has a ton of bad habits that are completely opposite of how an angel would behave. Also, angels come from Heaven, not Hell.

The list goes on and on. Obviously, there are some good shows on broadcast and cable TV. Viewers just have to work harder these days to find something worth watching.