Some things are more irritating during the summer heat

I like to think of myself as a “the glass is half full (not half empty)” kind of a guy. But I do sometimes gripe – and its easier in the dog days of summer.

Here are things that bother me.

– When you go into Braum’s to get an ice cream cone, sometimes the people in front of you place their order and then they stand at near end of the counter and wait for their order.

This essentially prevents me from seeing what flavors are available. They should place their order and then slide down to the cash register end and wait to pay. This is especially galling when Braum’s is really busy in the summertime.

Similarly, when you are in the grocery checkout line, sometimes the customer in front of you won’t put down the divider on the conveyer belt and will block you from emptying your cart on the conveyer belt. This slows down the process, especially if you are in a line with customers with full carts.

Once you unload your cart, put down the divider and push your cart to the end of the counter. I don’t have to say anything about someone with a full cart going into the express lane (with a 10 or 20 item limit).

(Wow. I am starting to think that I am a little too critical. Actually, I try my best to not do the things I am complaining about.)

Have you ever been in the left-turn lane in a busy intersection and there are only two or three cars ahead of you? The front car is not paying attention when the left-turn light comes on. You wait politely until you can’t stand it anymore and honk for the guy to wake up (or get off his phone). He does at the last second and he makes it through the green light while you have to wait through one more cycle due to his idiocy or inattention.

And if you decide to run the red light, someone will probably run into you or a cop will give you a ticket.

Sheridan Road around 61st Street has been torn up for months. The speed limit approaching 61st Street heading north from about 65th Street is 35 mph and it drops to 25 mph when you hit the orange barrels. And there is a big sign that says “no passing.” I slow to 35 mph at the appropriate spot and then to 25 mph when I am supposed to.

Of course, people pass me in the no-passing zone and they ride my bumper – especially during rush hour – and give me dirty looks for going the speed. There are no cops giving out tickets but if I were to choose to break the law and speed through a work zone, I would get a ticket and have to pay hundreds of dollars in fines.

Speaking of streets, I am glad that Tulsa is trying to fix some of our streets. Here is what I don’t get. There are major projects on Sheridan Road, Harvard Avenue and Riverside Drive is blocked for two years. Those are major north/south arterials. Instead of having so many projects underway at the same time and impeding traffic, why not concentrate on a few at a time and minimize the inconvenience? The Sheridan Road project is killing some of the local businesses but the city doesn’t seem to care.

And the southbound lanes of Memorial Drive between 81st and 91st streets looked like the bombed out streets of Beirut. Our family has already had to buy one new tire this year because of our rotten streets.

Here’s a strange item. Former Olympic hero Bruce Jenner is now calling himself Caitlyn Jenner and is dressing up like a woman. It’s a free country but liberals – including the Tulsa World – are attacking anyone who offers even one word of criticism of this perversion. A man can take hormones and mutilate his body and dress up like a woman, but guess what, he is still a man (according to God and his DNA).

The core message of having someone like Bruce Jenner parade around like a woman is that God makes mistakes. Jenner essentially says he is really a woman that God mistakenly put into a man’s body. And if you buy into this philosophy, you can justify any urge or appetite with actions, no matter how inappropriate they are.

The emperor has no clothes with Bruce Jenner. Liberals talk about how “beautiful she is” while he banks tens of millions of dollars promoting homosexuality and disdain for sin.

That really irritates me.