Some winners and losers from the November 8th election

Who were the winners and losers in the November 8 election? Let’s start with the losers.

Hillary Clinton

Just as Republicans Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney, it was Mrs. Clinton’s turn to be the presidential nominee for her party. She has no record of achievement, she is not likable, she is a pathological liar and her marriage is a sham.

The only reason she got elected to the U.S. Senate was because she supported Bill during his impeachment and the only reason she was named Secretary of State was because Obama owed her for her support.

Let’s hope for the sake of the country that this is the last we see of the Clintons.

Christians in Oklahoma

The Blaine Amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution was a slap against Catholics. It was the basis for the Oklahoma Supreme Court to order the removal of the Ten Commandments Monument from the State Capitol under the cover of darkness.  State Question 790 would have repealed that amendment. Opposition lied and said that repeal would open the door for Hindus, Satanists and whoever to erect religious symbols on state property. The repeal failed and now the liberal Supreme Court can use it whenever they want to subvert religious liberty.


Thanks to QuikTrip, Reasors, Wal-Mart and other money-grubbing retailers, liquor will flow more freely in Oklahoma. Soon you will be able to buy a jug of ice-cold wine at QuikTrip. Hundreds of new liquor outlets will pop up. Lord help alcoholics – they won’t be able to go into most stores without seeing aisles and aisles of hard beer and wine. Proponents spent a fortune on TV commercials for State Question 792 and they argued that Oklahomans will consume more alcohol. This was all about money and those who can’t handle their drinking are going to suffer.

City Councilor Jack Henderson

Henderson, a long-time councilor in District 1 (North Tulsa), lost to Vanessa Hall-Harper. What happened? Maybe voters got tired of Henderson voting for tax hike after tax hike and the annual utility increases. Maybe district residents were tired of the chamber leading Henderson and the rest of the councilors around by the nose.

Maybe this is the start of a turnaround on the City Council.

Residents of City Council District 9

They had a chance to elect Eric McCray, a bright, young conservative businessman who would have worked to get Tulsa’s debt and budget under control. Instead, McCray and nothing will change.

Pro-life Oklahomans

All of the seven state judges – including two justices on the Oklahoma Supreme Court – won retention votes. This is bad news for anyone who thinks that life begins at conception and that abortion kills unborn babies. Oklahoma is definitely pro-life and our appellate judges go out of their way to justify decisions that enhance the evil practice of abortion.

The liberal news media

The Tulsa World and their ilk ran poll after poll showing that Donald Trump had no chance to win. The results showed that their manipulative efforts failed.

Now for the winners.

Donald J. Trump

Trump is brash, outspoken and at times, insensitive. But he speaks the truth and that resonated with the American voters. He is not a politician. Trump is a breath of fresh air. If he gets half of his agenda passed, America will be so much better off.

Drug abusers/gang members

That’s right. People who use illegal drugs will now face misdemeanor charges rather than felonies for possession of dangerous and illegal drugs. Thanks to progressives who want to empty the prisons of criminals, violent gang members want spend much time in jail when they get caught with methamphetamine, PCP, heroin, marijuana, LSD and other illegal drugs. Instead of going to state prison, they will spend a lot less time in the Tulsa County Jail. Criminals must love the passage of State Questions 780 and 781.

Oklahoma taxpayers

Government will never be satisfied with taxes. They always want more. Everyone wants teachers to make more but the problem isn’t low tax levels – it’s the local administrators and school board members who spend money poorly and don’t prioritize teacher pay.

State Question 779 failed and that is good for Oklahoma. Its passage would have given us some of the highest sales taxes in the nation. Even liberals saw the folly in adding $600 million-plus in new sales tax.

Sierra Club and PETA

They helped kill the “right to farm” bill, State Question 777, by lying and telling people that it would pave the way for international corporate farms to come into Oklahoma. That’s hogwash. This bill would have protected Oklahoma farmers from the national backlash from ultra-liberal groups that want to control family farms.

Dave Rader and Joe Newhouse

Rader won the Senate race in District 39 and Newhouse was elected to the Oklahoma Senate from District 25. These were two open seats and Rader and Newhouse are genuine conservatives who are replacing Republicans who were not conservative.

Both Rader and Newhouse won their first political races but they are not strangers to politics. Rader is one of the finest men to ever coach football at Tulsa University and Newhouse is a military hero.

With these two, Tulsa has a chance to assume a leadership role in the Senate and institute conservative values that now are lacking in the GOP.