Speaker suspends Rep. Dan Kirby

Oklahoma House Speaker Charles McCall suspended Rep. Dan Kirby’s chairmanship of the House Business, Commerce & Tourism Committee pending the findings and recommendations of the House Special Investigation Committee after Rep. Kirby publicly announced his intent to refuse to testify before the committee.

State Rep. Josh Cockroft, R-Wanette, is the chairman of the House Special Investigation Committee.

“Rep. Kirby has been offered every document the committee believed he could be provided without compromising confidential information,” Cockroft said. “What Rep. Kirby seems to want is the opportunity to cross-examine his accusers, and that is simply not going to happen. Allowing that would discourage future victims from coming forward.  It was explained to Rep. Kirby that this process is closed to protect the victims, not the elected officials. I don’t understand Rep. Kirby’s confusion. There is no mystery as to what we are investigating here.”

Most of the evidence relating to Kirby has already been made public.

“He claims he did nothing wrong,” Cockroft said. “That claim is inconsistent with the allegations. We just want him to appear before the committee and answer the allegations. If he believes he did nothing wrong, he has nothing to hide. If he chooses to not appear before the committee, that is his prerogative; However, we are going to continue our investigation with or without him and release our findings and recommendations to the public.”