Special elections on November 14th

Tulsa area voters will go to the polls November 14 for special elections in House District 76 (Broken Arrow); Senate District 37; a bond election in Sand Springs; a utility vote in Bixby and seven charter changes in the City of Tulsa.

The special election in Senate District 37 will be between Republican Brian O’Hara and Democrat Allison Ikley-Freeman. The House District 76 special election is between Democrat Chris Vanlandingham and Republican Ross Ford.

Here are the proposed Tulsa City Charter changes:

  • Proposition 1 – This would expand the ability of the city to “summarily abate a nuisance re-occurring on the same property under the same ownership within twenty-four (24) months of a previous nuisance abatement on that property.”
  • Proposition 2 – This would relax the standard for notification of special meetings of the City Council and allow electronic notice to be sent to councilors.
  • Proposition 3 – This deals with the effective dates of newly passed ordinances and resolutions. It would let resolutions – like ordinances are currently – be passed as “emergency measures” and state the date they become effective.
  • Proposition 4 – This would change municipal races for general elections to have candidates file in June, hold elections in August and have run-off elections in November.
  • Proposition 5 – This would affect the “Election District Commission” – which determines boundaries for council districts. If approved, the mayor would appoint five members to the commission (confirmed by the City Council). Two members would be registered in the political party with the largest number of registered voters in the city. Two members would come from the second largest political party and one member would be registered as an Independent. Those boundaries are adjusted every 10 years following a national census.
  • Proposition 6 – This would allow municipal employees – including firefighters – to participate in certain political activities, including attending public meetings and to express their views when they are off duty and not in uniform.
  • Proposition 7 – This states that any revenue from the 2017 Public Safety Sales Tax can’t be used for anything other than public safety.