Editorial: State alcohol sales will skyrocket

No one is talking about the impact of the liberalization of Oklahoma liquor laws and the upcoming effect it will have on our culture.

The big newspapers are praising the “progressive” attitude toward “alcohol modernization.” (By the way, “gambling” is no longer “gambling” according to the daily paper – it’s now officially “gaming” because that is better for public relations).

The local TV stations can’t do enough features on the new breweries and wineries and fantastic beer brands. The chambercrats are rushing to promote more alcohol sales downtown and to help people who go to festivals and sporting events get liquored up. Convenience store chains are frantically building bigger buildings so they can stock a full line of hard beer and refrigerated wine.

Why, alcohol sales may save backward Oklahoma both culturally and financially (sarcasm). According to promoters, liberalizing liquor laws will bring in so much money and economic development that Oklahoma will never again worry about low teacher pay.

“Alcohol modernization will bring increased business, tourism and sales taxes to Oklahoma cities and counties,” said Lisette Barnes, president of the Oklahoma Beer Alliance. “We can expect to see businesses and consumers continue to push for modern laws that lift any additional restrictions and provide more choice for consumers, which all spells increased economic growth for Oklahoma.”

Too bad Oklahoma didn’t start buying more booze and drinking more years ago. We could be the richest and happiest state in the union. And what are the churches saying about this upturn in alcohol? Pretty much nothing.

That is an even bigger barometer of excess of hedonism that has captured Oklahoma.