State GOP chief resigns

Randy Brogdon has resigned as chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, citing family reasons and the benefit of the party.

Brogdon, a former senator from Owasso and a one-time candidate for governor and U.S. Senate, sent a letter of resignation to the GOP Executive and State Committee members on September 4.

The letter stated:

“Serving the people of my community and my state has been a great honor. Whether in the Owasso City Council or the Oklahoma Senate, I have represented conservative values and individual freedom. God has afforded me the opportunity to serve in office several times, and the gift of meeting so many great Oklahomans across our state.

“Every vote I have ever received in pursuit of public service is greatly appreciated.

The support and dedication of many of you has allowed me to serve as party chairman. Serving a full term as chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party was always my intention. Unfortunately, I will resign as Chairman of the OKGOP effective September 10, 2015.

“I apologize to members of our party who supported me, and put their faith in me, for leaving early. However this decision was not reached lightly and I am convinced my resignation is necessary for me, my family, and for the good of the party. I leave with a grateful heart that I was afforded such a wonderful opportunity to serve and offer best wishes for the continued success of the Oklahoma Republican Party.”

Brogdon, a constitutional conservative, was under attack the minute he took office earlier this year. Liberals and moderates – both Democrats and Republicans – didn’t want a grassroots conservative in that position and criticized his staff hirings and his stance on issues.

Oklahoma’s liberal daily newspapers and TV and radio stations blasted Brogdon for his Christian viewpoint and conservative record.

The OKGOP Central Committee will hold a special meeting October 10 in Oklahoma City. Vice Chairman Estela Hernandez, a harsh critic of Brogdon’s leadership, will be interim chairman. Former GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell will lead the special meeting. The OKGOP Central Committee is Carolyn McLarty, Steve Fair and Hernandez.