State Question Status

State Question 792 – Alcoholic beverages

The Attorney General’s preliminary ballot title was filed June 16.

State Question 791 – Alcoholic beverages

This would let licensees who currently hold licenses to sell low-point beer to sell beer and malt beverages. It lets groceries and supermarkets get licenses to sell wine up to 14 percent alcohol content. Retail package stores and retail grocery wine stores must be more than 500 feet apart. It allows small brewers to sell their products at additional locations. It provides that all employees who handle or sell alcoholic beverages must obtain an employee license from the ABLE Commission, be at least 18 years of age, with at least a 21-year-old present to supervise. It permits retail package store licensees to sell items that are sold in convenience and grocery stores up to 30 percent of gross monthly sales. It limits sales of beer and wine by retail beer and retail grocery wine store licensees to 30 percent of gross monthly sales. It permits sales of alcohol on any day of the year except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. A protest was filed on May 27 challenging the constitutionality of SQ791.

State Question 790 – Religious liberty

This would repeal the part of the Oklahoma Constitution that prohibits the use of public funds and property for religious purposes. Legislators reacted to the Oklahoma Supreme Court decision to remove the Ten Commandments Monument from the State Capitol grounds.

This will be on the ballot.

State Question 789 – Alcoholic beverages

This initiative petition has been protested.

State Question 788 – Legalizing medical marijuana

This initiative petition has until August 11 to collect enough signatures to make the ballot.

State Question 787 – Initiative petitions

This initiative petition would change state law concerning petition by extending the signature collection period from 90 days to one year. It lets 8 1/2×11 paper to be used rather than legal sized paper. It requires three-quarters majority of both houses to repeal or amend measures approved by electors. It has until August 11 to submit the required signatures.

State Question 786 – Alcoholic beverages

This has been withdrawn.

State Question 785 – Alcoholic beverages

This has been stricken by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

State Question 784 – Elimination of income taxes on teacher take-home pay

This initiative was withdrawn.

State Question 783 – Alcoholic beverages

This has been withdrawn.

State Question 782 – Abortion

The measure prohibits abortion. The measure would not prohibit contraception that merely prevents fertilization, but does not cause the death of an unborn human being. The measure would prohibit contraception that causes the death of an unborn human being. The measure would also prohibit the deliberate destruction of unborn human beings created in a laboratory. The measure would not prohibit practices such as in vitro fertilization, but any unborn human beings created as a result of such procedures could not be deliberately destroyed. This was stricken by the liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court before any signatures were collected.

State Question 781 – County Community Safety Investment Fund

The County Community Safety Investment Fund consists of reclassifying as misdemeanors certain property crimes and drug possession. The funds must be distributed to counties for the purpose of funding rehabilitative programs, such as mental health and substance abuse treatment programs. This measure only becomes effective if voters approve State Question 780, the Oklahoma Smart Justice Reform Act

The secretary of state’s office counted a total of 111,159 signatures for proposed SQ 780 and 110,135 signatures for proposed SQ 781.

Such initiatives require 65,987 signatures to be put on the November ballot. That equates to 8 percent of 824,831, the total number of ballots cast in the 2014 gubernatorial election.

As required by law, the secretary of state’s office sent a report on its findings to the Oklahoma Supreme Court. The state Supreme Court will determine whether there are sufficient signatures to place the proposals on a ballot.

State Question 780 – Criminal sentence reform

This measure amends statutes to reform criminal sentences for certain property and drug offenses. It makes certain property offenses misdemeanors. It makes simple drug possession a misdemeanor. Property offenses where the value of the property is one thousand dollars or more remain felonies, and the distribution, possession with intent to distribute, transportation with intent to distribute, manufacture, or trafficking of drugs remain felonies.

State Question 779 – Increase in sales tax

This would create a fund to improve public education (common education, higher education and vocational education). It increases the state sales tax by one cent (a 22 percent increase) and directs fund to specific institutions and purposes.

This will be on the ballot in November.

State Question 778 – Marijuana as an herbal drug

This has been abandoned by proponents.

State Question 777 – Farming and ranching

This guarantees the right to engage in certain farming and ranching practices. This legislative proposal will be on the ballot Nov. 8.

State Question 776 – Death penalty

This legislative proposal states that methods of execution can be changed. It states that the death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment.

This legislative question will be on the ballot Nov. 8.