State Regents approve 5.3% increase in college tuition

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education are raising tuition by an average of 5.3 percent for the 25 state-supported colleges and universities in the state.

Based on 30 undergraduate hours for tuition and mandatory fees, Langston University has the highest increase with $561 (10.4 percent) while Oklahoma Panhandle State University and University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma are not raising tuition at all.

The University of Oklahoma, which has the highest tuition at $9,062, is raising its rates by an average of $432 (5 percent). Oklahoma State University, a close second with an average tuition of $8,737, is going up by $417 (also 5 percent).

Tuition at Tulsa Community College will be $3,990, up $187 (4.9 percent) while Northeastern State University will go to only $6,334 with an increase of $127 (2.1 percent). Rogers State University in Claremore will go to $6,870, up $330 (5 percent).

The regents are blaming the Legislature for budget cuts which they claim are having a negative impact on higher education.

“The continued reduction in state support for public higher education compromises our ability to produce the additional degrees required to meet Oklahoma’s workforce needs,” said John Massey, chair of the State Regents. “While we recognize the extremely challenging budget environment, there is no question the cuts to higher education will negatively impact the ability of our colleges and universities to meet their academic missions.”

On average, a full-time college student will pay $284 more for tuition and mandatory fees in 2017-18. State law requires tuition to remain at levels below the average among comparable institutions.

“With higher education in our state sustaining cuts for three years in a row, it has been difficult for institutions to carry out their primary missions as the founders of Oklahoma envisioned,” ,” said Southwestern Oklahoma State University President Randy Beutler, who serves as chair of the Council of Presidents.  “These modest tuition increases will not come close to replacing the decline of state appropriations to our public institutions, but this action will help mitigate those losses until the state budget improves.”

The law also requires the State Regents to make a reasonable effort to increase financial aid across the state system proportionate to any increase in tuition. Tuition waivers and scholarships provided by state institutions will increase 8.1 percent from FY 2017.

Oklahoma’s Promise is  a scholarship program that allows high school students from middle- and low-income families to earn a tuition scholarship. Beginning in 2017-18, the Oklahoma Legislature expanded eligibility for the program by increasing the family income limit from $50,000 to $55,000. An estimated 18,000 students will receive the Oklahoma’s Promise scholarship in 2017-18.

Rate Increase (based on in-state tuition and fees for 30 hours)

Langston University $5,049 $561 10.4 percent
Murray State College $4,820 $420 9.5 percent
Western Oklahoma State College $4,044 $133 9.0 percent
Rose State College $4,143 $316 8.3 percent
Carl Albert State College $3,686 $283 8.3 percent
Eastern Oklahoma State College $4,572 $348 8.3 percent
Seminole State College $4,440 $300 7.2 percent
Northeastern A&M College $4,447 $270 6.5 percent
Redlands Community College $4,4,24 $270 6.5 percent
Conners State College $4,387 $262 6.4 percent
University of Central Oklahoma $7,099 $400 6.0 percent
Northern Oklahoma College $3,660 $190 5.5 percent
Oklahoma State University $8,737 $417 5.0 percent
University of Oklahoma $9,062 $432 5.0 percent
East Central University $6,719 $321 5.0 percent
Rogers State University $6,870 $330 5.0 percent
Tulsa Community College $3,990 $187 4.9 percent
Southwestern State University $6,705 $300 4.9 percent
Northwestern Oklahoma State $6,705 $315 4.9 percent
Oklahoma City Community College $3,908 $182 4.9 percent
Southeastern State University $6,750 $300 4.7 percent
Cameron University $6,180 $283 3.5 percent
Northeastern State University $6,334 $127 2.1 percent
Panhandle State University $7,074 $0 0.0 percent
University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma $7,200 $0 0.0 percent