State Rep. John Bennett is right about the threat of terrorism

In early March, news(?) articles began appearing that indicate, to me, evidence of a well-orchestrated program to arrange incidents to make it appear that a state representative has a strong bias against Islam and Muslims in general. On March 4 in the daily news(?)paper were two stories on these subjects. The first, bylined Bill Sherman of the World Staff, carried the headline: “Do Muslim nations want Shariah law?” The story listed nations that have heavy support and those which do not “according to Pew Research Center studies.”

Well, duh!

In Islam-ruled nations, it would likely be a death sentence to admit not wanting Shariah law. The other story was headlined: “Bennett rejects Muslim students” and carried a sub

that said “Legislature – Lawmaker asks office visitors, ‘Do you beat your wife?’ with credit given to Randy Krehbiel of the World staff. The story was that on March 2 CAIR had the usual annual Muslim Dayat the Capitol. Three Muslim “students” came to Rep. John Bennett’s office and he “refused” to meet with them and gave them tracts that, among other things, asked “Do you beat your wife?”‘ The implication was that he was present and refused to meet with them.

Well, now for the “rest of the story” (as Sand Springs native the late Paul Harvey often said.) The suspicion is that the date and time is specifically chosen for the “Muslim Day” because both houses usually recess at noon and most of the legislators leave at noon to go home, especially those who live more than an hour from the Capitol. Senator Bennett was not there but if the story stated that it slipped my reading. The story quoted Adam Soltani, executive director of CAIR in Oklahoma, as calling the questions in the handout “stupid, Islamophobic, hateful (and) bigoted.”

Well, it seemed out of line. So on March 6, a call was placed to Soltani’s office, which was returned by his executive assistant. It seems that the facts are that she was the one the students and unlike the impression made on me, that they were of high school or younger age, they actually appeared to be in their young adult ages, and thus could be married.

The questions were not his but in a standard publication. And that this Muslim Day time and weekday is believed to be chosen by CAIR specifically because it is known that legislators will be absent, and thus they can claim they refused to meet them. She stated that they were told that if they would make an appointment, like everyone else does, he would

definitely meet with them. They later claim that they were told he wouldn’t meet them unless they were from his district. The story finally states that the Democrat(ic) Party released a statement referring to Bennett as a “cancer” in the Legislature and calling for the “Republicans to make it clear that they do not support Bennett and his hate.”

Representative Bennett has a stellar record of first-hand experience with people of Muslim faith. He has been in military special forces deployed to the Middle East and thus come in contact with many of them, both good and bad, on their ground. He seems to have a very good range of knowledge of the Quran and it’s rules for conduct for believers. It is necessary for me to rely on his knowledge, since it has been my understanding that it was forbidden for infidels (nonbelievers) to even touch their “holy book” and my eyes have never even seen one.

A third story on March 7 carried the headline “Speaker silent on Muslim questionnaire” with the subheadline stating, “All House members ‘accountable to their constituents,’ McCall says of Bennett.”

Well, that is definitely true, and the fact that he has been elected from that district more than once tells me that his constituents must approve. Well done, Representative Bennett. Unless something much more solid and truthful against him appears, he has my support.