Editorial: State Supreme Court strikes again

Oklahoma’s liberal Supreme Court has no regard for the lives of unborn children and it has cleared a path for Oklahoma to have turnpike tolls forever.

Even though Oklahoma is one of the most conservative and pro-life states in the union, the Oklahoma Supreme Court regularly overturns state laws that pass easily in the House and Senate and are signed by the governor (Republican and Democrat).

The court wrongly holds that the U.S. Supreme Court can make laws to regulate the lives of Oklahomans. That is untrue and unconstitutional.

The court overturned a state law that would have required “doctors” who commit abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their abortion clinics.

The justices thought that placed too much burden on women who want to kill their unborn children.

Also, when Oklahoma became a state, the founders wisely made it illegal for the government to borrow money without a vote of the people. The liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court has decided that the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority can borrow hundreds of millions of dollars and raise toll rates by double digits in spite of the constitutional prohibition.

The courts are supposed to interpret the laws, not create them.

The Turnpike Authority has been selling bonds since 1950 and the Oklahoma Supreme Court has approved that borrowing at least 10 times. No bond proposal has ever been denied.

Since the federal appellate courts are riddled with liberal, activist judges, the Oklahoma Supreme Court can make any decision it wants with impunity.

As long as it doesn’t protect unborn children or keep the government from borrowing more money.