Letter to the editor: State vote to sell cold strong beer in convenience stores a bad idea

In last November’s state elections, a measure was passed for strong beer to be sold in stores, along with convenience stores being allowed to sell stronger alcohol that can be sold cold from the coolers.

Almost everywhere you go to a “gas station store,” you see people walking out with cold fountain drinks. And in the summer months, it is the norm.

Now, once they start selling cold higher-content alcohol products, does anybody think that these people are going to wait until they get home to pull the tab or pop the top? With this stuff already being cold, why should they wait?

They will drink down two or three while driving and be partly DUI on the way home – possibly causing wrecks, damaging cars, injuring bodies and everyone will pay higher car insurance rates from all the insurance companies to help them recover their insurance loss claims.

Before the majority of voters approved that state question, more forethought would have been better than an afterthought.