Stay the Course, Mr. President

Recently, William Galston wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Trump’s Tanking Approval Numbers,” in which he points out the president is not only in trouble within the beltway, but with supporters who question his fitness for office.

The “never Trumpers” and Democrats have done an excellent job in raising doubts in peoples’ minds by insisting Russia stole the election from Hillary Clinton.  Never mind that no one has produced evidence of any kind. Republican congressional members have now begun to worry about their election prospects in 2018 if they support the president and his agenda.  Never mind that Trump was elected as an outsider and the voters gave Republicans control of Congress, to oppose the Obama agenda, which they really never did.

In Mr. Galston’s article, he reports that only 39 percent of Americans approve of the job Mr. Trump is doing and 54 percent disapprove.  He does say that a majority of whites without degrees continue to see Mr. Trump as strong, intelligent and possessing good leadership skills.

On the economic front, a surprising 55 percent of non-college whites told Quinnipiac University that the economy is good or excellent, compared with 56 percent of all Americans.  Forty-four percent of whites without degrees believe the economy is getting better versus 15 percent who think it is getting worse. These numbers are also born out by Bloomberg politics, certainly no friend of President Trump.

Bloomberg writes, “In the aftermath of November’s election, there was the sense in many East Coast circles that it wouldn’t take long for the voters of Middle America to regret their decision to put Donald Trump in the White House.  Seven months later, we’ve found few signs of such remorse.  We’ve been tracking a group of Trump supporters from the four key heartland states that helped swing the election: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.  True, there has been slippage in support for him in some cases, but what comes through clearly is that the emotional bond between the firebrand politician and his base remains very strong.”  Bloomberg interviewed eight people from Lacrosse, Wisconsin, to Youngstown, Ohio.  All eight gave the president ratings from 7.5 to 10.  These people range in age from 31 to 62.

What the Bloomberg article tells me is the president does best when he leaves the swamp and gets out among real Americans.  Republicans, too, need to quit trying to curry favor with the press and Democrats.  Just pass the president’s agenda and don’t look back.  You will be fine.

In another Wall Street Journal article, Joshua Spivak makes the point that for the country as a whole, ending the daily White House press briefing would be a positive step.  It would help break the public’s presidential obsession and free the press to pursue other stories.  Without the distraction of a daily performance by the press secretary, Americans might learn more about what’s happening in Washington beyond the briefing room. I would agree with Mr. Spivak.  Today, a Republican White House does not control the news.  News today is manufactured by the Washington Post and New York Times, as well as CNN, to suit their editorial polices.  Sources go unnamed and facts are not substantiated.  If they were, the Russian myth would have disappeared long ago.

Today politics is a blood sport.  Just ask Education Secretary Betsy DeVos who has repeatedly interrupted by hecklers as she gave a commencement address at Bethune – Cookman University in Florida.  Bethune is one of the historically black colleges and universities or HBCU’s in the country.

President Obama was never booed by black militant groups at HBCU’s although he cut funding to them and forced 28,000 students at black colleges to be denied loans.

President Trump signed an executive order supporting HBCUs and even met with their college presidents – something Mr. Obama never got around to.  Mr. Obama also closed down the White House initiative on Tribal Colleges and Universities and did away with the Board of Advisors on Tribal Colleges and Universities, which somehow is never reported on.  So much for a helping hand with minorities.

Have a good trip, Mr. President.