Editorial: Stop growing state government

Using a tanning bed is probably not good for your health.

Eating a jelly doughnut is not really that healthy either.

Sen. Ervin Yen, a registered Republican from Oklahoma City, wants to expand the role of government by banning minors from using tanning beds.

This is the same Sen. Yen who wants to force every family in Oklahoma to submit to an oppressive schedule of vaccinations without any choice.

Yen loves big government. He likes to order people around and give them no choice when it comes to what he thinks is healthy behavior.

He is certainly right about health risks of tanning beds and he is absolutely wrong about vaccinations being virtually risk free.

But his Senate Bill 765 is just one more example of government solving a problem when it should stay out of it.

Minors shouldn’t watch TV eight hours a day or spend all day on their cellphones playing video games. They should get some exercise everyday and they shouldn’t drink too many soft drinks. These are all good ideas but they should be parenting guidelines and not state laws.

Everybody who rides a motorcycle should wear a helmet. People shouldn’t jump out of airplanes (with a parachute). These are good ideas but America is a free country and you can choose unwise behavior at times.

Yen actually might have good intentions with his freedom-killing legislation but on the surface, it looks like he is a control freak who wants everyone to live by his rule. There’s a balance here that he just can’t seem to balance.

The government shouldn’t be deciding who can get an artificial tan. That’s a decision best left to families, not the state.