Letter to the editor: Successful businessman or Hillary?

There are different presidents for different people.  My father was a Roosevelt Democrat.  Roosevelt had the WPA program that kept food on the table of the poor and allowed the breadwinner to maintain his dignity.   Many Americans, including my father, believed  “owe no man anything” (Romans 13:8) was a commandment, the same as thou shall not steal.

An individual who owned land was respected by those he hired to plant, cultivate and harvest his crops.  These people believed it was honorable to pay their debts. Gradually there was a change – going into debt was encouraged.

In the Jimmy Carter years, big government and buying on credit were encouraged. In the Reagan years (1980-1988), many government offices were closed and people were encouraged to save for retirement.  I took an early out and began working on various jobs in order to save for retirement.

My retirement CD notes were paying 8 percent until 1993. The interest rate had dropped to just over 2 percent by the end of the Clinton years. The interest rate increased to 4 percent during the Bush years.  Now, during 7 years of the Obama administration, the rate on the same investment is less than .1 percent.

We are about to choose another president. One choice is a successful businessman and negotiator. One is a career politician who cannot be trusted to tell the truth. They have very different plans for America.

Yes, we have the freedom to choose, but remember the consequences of those choices come automatically.