Sudden death of Antonin Scalia raises a multitude of questions

It was a complete shock to me, and it appears many others, to hear on the radio the morning of February 13 of the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia during the night. My immediate thought was concern that there may have been something evil involved in this surprise loss. It has been rather well known that Judge Scalia was the outstanding member in matters of not only the words contained in the U.S. Constitution, but the mindsets of the authors of same.

Some may question how anyone could have any idea of just what the thoughts of those inspired gentlemen were. The answer lies in the study of a group of writings that have been assembled as “The Federalist Papers.” The very existence of these documents was not known to me until no more than 30 years ago. It was not taught at any time in the educational systems that were privileged(?) to have my presence for seventeen years (the large number due to a relatively short vacation courtesy of Uncle Sam and the resulting necessity to change college majors).

In any event, subsequent news reports have brought forth that he had just arrived the evening before at a hunting resort in South West Texas. That he told the resort owner that he was tired, yet took a drive tour of the property, had dinner (reportedly not steak) and retired for the night. The first report stated death was from natural causes – later increased to heart attack – and the body was taken to a local mortuary. There a decision was reportedly made that an autopsy was not necessary and embalming was commenced.

A later report stated that the body was found with a pillow over his face. Now that really caught my attention. It has been my practice to never place a pillow over my face. That would be almost sure suffocation and death, and even though someone was tired, they would naturally remove it if accidentally it was in that position. Further, there have been instances in the past where a means of murder were to place a pillow over the victim ‘s head and force it down. The benefits to the assassin is that there are no bruises left on the body to point to murder.

The loss of Judge Scalia is a potentially severe blow to the future of the “republic” known as the United States of America, known as the last resort of freedom in the world. It is indeed unfortunate that appointments since his (by President Reagan) have failed the test of being individuals who would follow the Constitution. Too many have based decisions on “international law” or other biased mindsets detrimental to the life, as founded, of our nation and it s citizens.

Then, to compound and desecrate the situation, PRESBO did not respond in a way considered by me to be presidential at all. The news was related to him, it is reported, while he was, as often, on the golf course. Rather than, as most of us would have done, he continued to play to finish the round rather than immediately stop and check into the situation. Most decent officials known to me would have in that position immediately alerted the flight crew to prepare Air Force One for immediate departure to visit the family to extend sympathies.

Further, he convened a press conference during which he stated, as seen by me in TV replay, that in due time he would send a replacement nomination to the Senate and would expect them to give it a fair hearing and vote. This offended me because he could have waited at least until after the burial was completed and the family settling down in their grief. Such is the nature of the twice-elected individual put forth in 2008 by the Democrat Party who has aggressively proceeded to fulfill his major promise to “fundamentally change America” – but he didn’t say it was for the worse.