Letter to the editor: Target and the clergy

God has a history of using unsavory characters to accomplish His will in the world. The list includes murderers, Egyptian pharaohs, a brothel owner, Babylonian kings, a Roman emperor, a narcissist and even a fanatical religious leader/murderer. None of these knew they were being used by doing His will but they were chosen nonetheless. They were to be a part in the story of God moving in the world to accomplish His ends. God’s reason is tied to His ardent inclusivity. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). Simply, there is no good pool of candidates from which to choose to fulfill His will and implement His plan.

Currently, there is also the issue of failed leadership in the household of faith, beginning with the clergy. To whom does God turn when those He called and empowered to speak on His behalf decide their own worldview and agenda supersedes His? Western society and culture are coming apart at the seams when police are ambushed, gunned down in cold blood while college students claim to be traumatized by message written in support of a presidential candidate. A Planned Parenthood official giggles about harvesting aborted babies’ organs for profit while our government continues to lavishly fund their organization.

Where is the voice of the American clergy? Their silence is loud and clear. Why are they officiating at homosexual weddings and not writing open letters to the newspapers about laws that protect Christians’ religious rights?

There is no unified voice for God addressing these and many more human life problems. Sexual sin is rising exponentially with hardly any pastoral or theological voice pushing back. Even some shepherds for their flock are in collusion with the wolves.

Nothing seems to be able to elicit a sense of moral indignation from the vast majority of decent, common-sense Americans – Christian or not. The rise of the pornography industry didn’t do it. Prime-time TV indecency hasn’t elicited moral outrage. The Supreme Court’s vote to redefine traditional marriage in more than 30 states has forced same-sex marriage on the whole nation and there was no push back.

Along comes Target, which on April 19, publicly announced its policy of inclusivity, reminding shoppers that if a man feels like a woman, he is permitted in the ladies’ restroom and fitting room. Target’s blatant disregard for the welfare and safety of its female shoppers over such a policy was the straw that broke the camel’s back, as evidenced by the rapid, voluminous response to the American Family Association call for a boycott of Target. In only one week, about a million people signed the pledge to boycott Target. Even this outpouring of public support has not brought a sound of protest from leadership in the Church of America. If these examples of issues of moral decay are not a concern to America’s pastors, then one wonders about their concerns for the safety and welfare of their flock. If they will not be God’s watchmen (Ezekiel 33), then God will find someone else or something else to communicate with His people.

Historically, He used a burning bush, ten disasterous plagues, a talking donkey and a devastating flood to communicate His will. Maybe God didn’t arouse enough clergy and preachers of righteousness, so He decided to use Target’s incredible pronouncement to wake up a remnant of people who haven’t tossed common sense out the window in favor of the rotting corpse of moral relativism.  The inattentiveness and timidity of the clergy is an affront to the Biblical teaching that spiritual warfare is real and the vulnerable, leaderless flock will soon be devoured by the roaring lion himself.