Teen car crashes up in Oklahoma

According to a report from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (OKDPS), in 2015 there were 227 fatality crashes involving Oklahoma drivers ages 15-25. In 2014, OKDPS reported that 148 young drivers perished on Oklahoma roads.

Research studies show that young drivers possess foundational knowledge of driving methods and traffic laws. However, due to their inexperience and causal attitudes toward driving, they often use poor judgment and/or make poor driving choices when they are behind the wheel.

To help decrease this alarming increase in traffic related deaths, The Oklahoma Safety Council (OSC), a non-profit organization, will offer a free driver survival course, ALIVE @ 25 to Oklahoma drivers ages 15-25.

The Alive @ 25 course, developed by the National Safety Council (NSC), is a highly interactive four-hour program that focuses on driver behavior, judgment, decision making and consequences. The course provides tools to young drivers when sitting behind the wheel.

“The long-term goal of Alive @ 25 is to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and collisions,” Dave Koeneke, OSC Executive Director said. “Our course uses interactive tools designed to help young drivers stay safer on the road – and that’s our ultimate goal.”

To ensure quality and their commitment to safety, OSC partners with trained police officers and driver’s education instructors across Oklahoma to teach this course.

Through a grant provided by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO), OSC is able to offer this course to Oklahoma drivers ages 15-25 free of charge.

To register or schedule an Alive @ 25 course, visit http://www.oksafety.org/aliveat25.php.