Letter to the editor: Ten Commandments

I agree that the Oklahoma Supreme Court is in error by demanding that the Ten Commandments Monument be removed. The court said it is “… obviously religious in nature and integral part of the Jewish and Christian faiths …”

Well, that is true, but then it is obviously the basis for principal laws in this nation and this state – not to mention all the nations of the world. The last I heard, it is the intent and spirit of the law – not the letter of the law.

If you go to the extreme, how can anyone who belongs to any church or sect hold any state office, contract with the state or do any work for the state?

The monument teaches that we must love God and love our fellow man/woman as ourselves (that is a quotation from Jesus in Mark Chapter 12).

But the, the monument doesn’t prevent us from believing who God is. You are free to believe God is the Father, Jesus, Allah, a Greek god or whoever. It doesn’t say that you cannot obey any law in Oklahoma or the United States.

This doesn’t mean you can preach hate or put up a symbol of hate.

The challenge is, show me the criminal or civil law the monument violates. It also does not threaten anyone with death or prison, does it?