Terrorist attacks in London point to the reality of a new world war

On June 2, news came out that there had been a tragedy in London with several killed and more wounded by a truck on the London Bridge. The surprise to me was that the scene was the London Bridge since it was my understanding for many years that said bridge had been disassembled stone for stone and rebuilt at Lake Havasu, Arizona. It turns out that Londoners had been done a favor since a new London Bridge had been built on the same location.

For the next (at least) two days, the “news” channels carried nothing else except repeats of the same series of video and narrative sets to outtake the regular shows. To my disgust, it was quite some time before said channels would admit statements that it was “terrorism” – with most stating that it had not been determined. Then came the reports that another vehicle had been following the truck and several men had jumped out with knives and began slicing the throats of people (especially young women) with at least six killed and more than a dozen wounded. Finally came the report from a representative of the London police stating it was a terrorist attack. Much later were reports that the perpetrators were shouting “for Allah” and then a claim from ISIS of responsibility.

This, of course, accompanies news of a suicide bombing outside an arena north of London with a larger number of young people killed. The question comes to mind – When will the government drop the PC mask and proclaim what anyone with an ounce of common sense and information knew? That Islamic violent extremists had declared war on the whole western civilization. It has been pretty well documented that the Islam holy book orders its followers to operate jihad and “take over the world.”

That makes it a World War, that I consider World War IV because the so-called “cold war” to me was World War III.

Most of the world’s leaders seem terrified to label this what has been just described, to their own danger. They, including the United States, have limited the law enforcement and defense facilities to investigation and observation of the potential terrorists. Strikes against the heart of the ISIS and other centers have been limited or nonexistent so far, that is until the new PRESDT Administration allowed our forces to utilize the MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) to be used in Afghanistan against a small area of fighter tunnels, with it appeared substantial success.

The first violent attack in this declared-by-them-but-not-by-us war occurred during the PRESWJC Administration in 1996 on February 26 when a truck bomb was detonated in the basement garage of one of the World Trade Center Twin Towers. This, fortunately, did not bring down the building and there were limited casualties, but one is too many. It should be remembered that for some years, leaders, both political and cleric, in Iran had declared holy war on the West, particularly – ‘That Satan, the United States.” Most thinking people would have taken that as a legitimate war declaration and responded in kind, but not the sleepers here and in Europe.

Since then we all have been continually infiltrated with secret combatants designated as refugees who have arrived and promptly gathered in close enclaves. In some locations, these have become closed to local control and introduced Sharia Law. And from them, terrorists have received training and orders to carry out their brutal actions, mostly against innocent civilians. Those people have no intention to integrate into the existing society and are here to conquer and install their own brutal form of Islamic laws and customs.

Finally, PRESDT has stood up and called it what it is and we hope it is not now too little or too late. He needs our support to root out the disloyal office holders and employees left over from the previous several administrations. We need to voice our support for his efforts to him and the members of Congress and State Legislations, loudly.

To paraphrase the late Gen. G. Patton: “You do not win wars by dying for your country but by making that other poor fool die for his country.” (He used his usual stronger words).

It seems it is up to us to make the foolish ones running things that we mean business and vote out those who won’t shape up. Congress, in particular, is shirking its duty to impeach those in the judiciary who rule according to their own bias or foreign law rather than the Constitution which is supposed to be the law of the land.