Letter to the editor: Terrorists killing Christians

Recently yet another graphic video of terrorists killing Christians surfaced on the Internet. On the heels of an increasing stream of photos of scores of mutilated bodies from similar events in North Africa and the Middle East, each of us are developing habitual responses.

How are we responding?

One understandable reflex is to avert our eyes. Decapitated bodies and disembodied heads posted into our Facebook streams are gut-wrenching horrors. Or, they should be. Fortunately, Facebook provides the convenient “I don’t want to see this” option on its dropdown menu, erasing it from our line of sight (if not our consciousness) if we so choose.

Another understandable response is anger: an eye for an eye but not my own eye. Please send a trained professional to fight this proxy war on my behalf while I rant safely at home.

A less natural but more Christlike response is also available to us: embracing the violent.

These are difficult days for Christians. Thank you for choosing to respond with the power of God’s Word. Because of your commitment to Bible translation, God’s Word is giving Christians the power to live for Christ despite the ever-increasing threats.