Letter to the editor: Thank God for Sen. Nathan Dahm

Words can not describe the feeling  of hope I experienced when I heard Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm support our Second Amendment rights on a video.  His  words reminded me of the sage words recently spoken by Kurt Russell in defense of those same rights. We now know that despite the promises of  Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and numerous other Democrats  that they are not being after our guns  that they lied.  Only governments who fear pushing their citizens into a state  of rebellion  would fear the Second Amendment. History has proven that before a government   becomes totally tyrannical they must disarm the people.

When we hear of multinational military training exercises  in our cities you have to wonder what domestic disturbance could be so big that we would have to call on dubious allies to help quell it. I think that once our government actually forces us into any mandatory vaccination program, it is a simple matter of eliminating vast regions of people who value freedom, God and the U.S. Constitution with relative ease. Such a carefully designed vaccine could mask its deadly effects for varying lengths of time.

You may not like guns , but it will be those who have them who may be the last line of defense from total tyranny.  A chilling but sober thought which our founding fathers intentionally covered the U.S. Constitution.