The assault on Christianity continues and is deepening

In last week’s article I wrote about how the Chairman of the Civil Rights Commission, Martin Castro, came out with a public statement that essentially claimed that the terms “religious liberty” and “religious freedom” were being used as “code words for discrimination, intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, Christian supremacy or any form of intolerance”.

It was clear by the context of his entire statement that Christians were the culprits.

He claimed that in the past religion had been used to justify slavery and Jim Crow laws, and that “state rights” were being used to undermine the rights of Americans. The crux of his statement was that federal law took precedence over religious principles, and that churches that discriminated using religious principles would be considered in violation of “employment, disability, or other laws”.

I also wrote about Hillary Clintons “deplorables” comment, in which she listed most of the same things that Castro did – “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic”. I do not believe it was coincidental that her remarks came out within a few days after the remarks by Castro.

I also wrote about a new Massachusetts law that clearly targeted churches if they refused to acknowledge “transgenders” by their chosen identity, claiming that churches are places of public accommodation and so they will not be excused from practicing their scriptural beliefs about homosexuality. No word from Castro about his disdain for “states rights” when states rights act in his favor to discriminate against Christians.

Finally, I wrote about an anti-Christianity op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune by Gregory A. Clark, who judged God for not coming to the rescue of altar boys who were being sexually assaulted by priests.

His words, in part, were “Christianity is not only ridiculous and repugnant. It is also deeply dishonest. No reasonable earthly father would allow his children to be raped, if he could readily intervene to stop it.”

I have always found this argument against God to be an amazing excuse for rebelling against God. It was God that first gave us free will, and when he did that, it was universal. In other words, he did not give free will to some people, and not to others. So when people like Clark demand that God stop people from doing certain things, he would be quite angry with God if he stopped him from doing what he wanted to do. Evil people are responsible for what they do, not God.

By the same token, liberals who want people to have the free will to do what they want are selective in how they invoke the philosophy. To them, it is allowable to condemn Christians for their beliefs, but it is not allowable for Christians to condemn liberals for theirs. So it is acceptable for people to engage in homosexuality, but it is not acceptable for Christians to say that it is wrong; there is a distinction here – Christians are not telling people that they cannot engage in homosexuality (or any other behavior they believe is wrong), they are simply saying that they should not be forced to believe something or support something that they know is wrong according to God’s word.

It is rather easy for liberals to condemn Christians for slavery, Jim Crow laws, and other racist activities like the Ku Klux Klan. The fact is, all of these things were products of the Democrats, not Republicans or conservatives. There were people who called themselves Christians who were Christians in name only. The more one adheres to God’s word, the less aberrant behavior like these that you will see. As for “Islamophobia”, it is just the opposite; the more one adheres to the Koran, the more aberrant behavior you will see.

Misunderstanding this is why we see total support by the left for importing as many Muslims from Syria as possible, while prohibiting the immigration of Christians from the same region. Recent statistics show that less than one half of one percent of the thousands of Muslim immigrants from Syria were Christians, despite the admission (although quite late) of the federal government that a Christian genocide is taking place. The real reason they are being allowed into this country is to create more voters for Democrats and to spread Islam in America. Yet if conservatives were to prohibit Muslims from coming here, and allowed only Christians to immigrate, liberals would eagerly call them racists and Islamophobes.

America is a great nation because of Christianity; Christianity is the most tolerant religion there is; but it seems that any twist of truth and logic that can be made will be used against Christians. I hope our churches and our Christians are ready to stand their ground.